Dovetail Group (UK) have recently undergone a major overhaul of our in-house training policies, whilst simultaneously adopting a more outward looking position towards the industry as a whole.

We identified a shortage of quality, comprehensive training services across many sectors, and decided that with our existing training qualifications and experience among management, that we could provide a valuable service to our own staff and yours.

Dovetail Training can offer your business a wide range of training courses for individual and group bookings. These courses will be held at our dedicated training facilities across the west midlands, and are fully catered using local, independent catering companies. Link to Freda’s

Our training department is headed by Daniel Ball, who has extensive experience as an instructor for the Army Foundation College during his 11 years in the armed forces.

All our courses are OfQual regulated.

QCPR Training

At Dovetail Training, we utilise Bluetooth QCPR Technology, to enable both instructors and trainees to more effectively monitor and review CPR performance, increasing the efficiency and value of training time. QCPR is a live feedback device used to measure the quality of CPR provided during therapy, here's a video demonstration of this:

  • More effectively facilitate training for individuals and high-performance teams
  • Train in the environment of your choice
  • Assess performance results of multiple individuals in real-time
  • Provide a team debrief while also focusing on individual performances

VR Technology

Recent technological advances have revolutionised the way health & safety instruction can be delivered, and as part of Dovetail Training’s forward-thinking approach to the industry we are constantly updating and expanding our methods and equipment. We are proud to announce the addition of Virtual Reality technology to our training applications. Users will be able to experience live emergency scenarios and hazard identification, helping our delegates gather real time and real-life experience, amounting to maximum preparation.

Current Courses Dovetail Training can offer:

  • FAW Level 3 – First Aid at Work
  • EFAW Level 2 – Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Emergency First Aid at Work - FAA Level 3 Award (3 day)
  • Paediatric Emergency First Aid - FAA Level 3 (1 day)
  • Paediatric First Aid - FAA Level 3
  • Level 2 Award in CPR & AED
  • BLS & Safe Use of an AED - FAA Level 2 Award – (4 hours)
  • Defibrillation - FAA Level 2 Award (CPR & AED skills) (1 day)
  • Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis - FAA Level 3 Award (1 day)
  • Oxygen Therapy Administration - FAA Level 3 Award (1 day)
  • First Aid Appointed Person (2 hours)
  • Basic Life Support (3 hours)
  • Defibrillation Annual Refresher (Half day)
  • FAW Re-qualification - FAA Level 3 (2 day)
  • Health & Safety in the Workplace - FAA Level 1 Award (1/2-day)
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace - FAA Level 2 Award (1-day)
  • Manual Handling - FAA Level 2 – (1 day)
  • Fire Safety Awareness - FAA Level 1 Award – (1/2 day)
  • Level 2 Fire Safety: (1-day)

Dovetail Training can offer a wide range of training courses for individual and group bookings, accommodating for up to 16 delegates per course. These courses will be held at our dedicated training facility at our head offices in Solihull, West Midlands, and can be fully catered for your needs.

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